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More   Big   Ass   JPGS

This is the flyer used to promote the comic book. My friend , Ron Thompson, came up with the tag Philip K. Dick meets Tim Burton. I got some great responses out of it.

PXL2000   scan

I used snappy to grab the frame on the right. The Pxl2000 is the fisher price toy video camera that only a lucky few purchased. I've had mine for nine years (still going strong). They are supposedly worth about 600 bucks nowadays. I woudln't sell mine for 2000 dollars. The black frame around the image is the charming limitation of its digitizing ability. The figure in the image is me. The image on the left is a dummy being thrown off a building on the UCSD campus. I'm the photographer, the aforementioned Ron Thompson is the Launcher.

sketch pages and miscellany (some of these,especially graphic dumps, take a while to load)

sketches page 1:
sketches page 2:
sketches page 3:
where I work THE NEVERHOOD:
Brazillian Ju Jitsu:
graphic dump:
graphic dump3:
Final Words?: