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The Artist Presently Known As...
Check out my Sketches.
They are described briefly.
Most of these are pre-production designs for video games.
(Picture and text are links)

Links to some of my Illustrations...

BOUNTY Of ZONE-Z,alternate cover for my comic book

Sewer Killers.

Miscellaneous "Enforcer" Ideas

Butcher. Big sketch of the main character in a DOOM like game.

A flyer promoting my comic book

A sample page of art from THE BOUNTY OF ZONE-Z

Death. A San Diego Comicon sketch

Alfred E. Nueman vs my character

Another Robot design

An Enforcer

Small character sheet study

Monkey like alien

Future Apartment in a BladeRunner type future


Jetpack. For a game that didn't happen

LOBO vs Ran Xerox

4 armed bodybuilder

ROBOT1. I designed a lot of robots

SABRIDER. Another SanDiego Comicon Sketch

Building Design for 3D PC game

Skimmer. A futuristic Jet Boat.

Spidrbot, an all terrain spider harness

The   Bounty   of   Zone-Z  

The comic book cover at the top of the page is from my self published comic book,

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Where I work. A great game company called The NEVERHOOD.

CHECK IT OUT. PXL2000 Madness
My cheezey video hobby including a lot of info about a historic shooting location

My Visit To The Batcave, In PXLVISION!:


Copy of Frank Fraztta Painting! Also some work pictures.:

FAKE PXL2000 with the ATI All-In-Wonder board:

The Vasquez Rocks!:

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