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The Visit to the Vasquez Rocks or The Death Of Stickey Jim

Myself and a couple of good friends visit the ubiquitous movie background of The Vasquez Rocks state park. Prominent in almost too many films to name. It's highest profile use recently has been the setting for the FLINSTONES film.

Steeper Than It Looks From A Distance

It's a lot of fun to climb all over these rocks and think about William Shatner or Bruce Dern having to cope with the same bouldering challenge.

Ellis Goodson bounds over the challenging terrain with an almost unnatural grace.

I'm missing part of a lung so I'm permanently aerobicaly challenged. The Rocks are located at 2000 ft and really presented an incredible physical challenge to me.

Stickey Jim on the way to his final resting place?

It was my intention to get several shots of my homemade dummy plummeting off the rocks. (His name , Stickey Jim, comes from the amount of duct tape used on his body plus he has on coveralls with the name Jim) I threw him from the topmost point, Jim landed on an inaccessible shelf, and so we had to leave him behind. Tragic. He probably had at least one good flame gag left in him.


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