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Fake PXL2000 via ATI all-in-wonder Card

The ATI All-In-Wonder card is good for capturing video that has no future as broadcast quality. Capture it with no color and then take the digitized video into an editting program like AutoDesk Animator (or premiere of course) and you can do that photoshop type filter thing and pixelate it. Voila, pxlvision. Also, the size it is captured at (240 by 180) makes it render onto video with that thick black border we all know and love. Don't pay more than 200 bucks for the board. It can be had for about 160

I Can't figure out how to post my avi. Here'e the Link

Monica and Bill in PXL2000 Vision:

Video grabbed off the tabloid programs.

What's it good for?

It allows the regular video to be inserted in a pxl project. It would enable you to turn the project into an integrated whole. For instance, it might be easier to get out with the easy to use Sears camcorder (like mine) and shoot some stuff and then add a later pxl shoot for dialouge etc.

Is this too complicated for a toy camera?

For those that might have missed it, the web page with the still from above where I'm showing off my PXL set-up...

Batcave in PXL2k vision


My Visit To The Batcave, In PXLVISION!: