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    Position as Programmer/Designer/Artist.




      1995 to Present- Game design and development. The Neverhood, Mission Viejo, California.


      Boombots (PlayStation)

      Skullmonkeys (PlayStation)

      The Neverhood (Windows/DirectX)

      1992 to 1995- Game design and development. Blue Sky Software, San Diego, California.

      Lead programmer, designer:

      Spider-Man, Web of Fire (32X)


      Joe Montana Football (Genesis)

      World Series Baseball (Genesis)

      Jurassic Park (Genesis)

      1987 to 1992- Product design and development. Chariot Software Group, San Diego, California.

      Lead programmer, programmer, or designer:

        Eco Adventures in the Rainforest (MS DOS)

        Eco Adventures in the Oceans (MS DOS)

        MicroTest for Windows (Windows)

    MicroGuide (MS DOS, 3 products)

    MicroTest (MS DOS, 3 products)

    1984 to 1986- Freelance illustration.




      1987- Certificate in Computer Information Science. Coleman College, La Mesa, California. Honors Graduate. G.P.A. of 4.0

      1980 to 1984- Bachelor of Art degree in Illustration. Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California.